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Summer Sermons

Andy West - Joel Repentance that leads to restorationAndy West
00:00 / 25:20

Sermon & Life Group Series May to July 2022 

Moses Friend of God
This series concentrates on the life of Moses and encourages us to find our own place in God's mission and to understand the issues that God cares about. These include justice, liberation, how God shapes and calls Moses for service and how He shapes and calls us.

Moses Friend of God Introduction - Jeremy Cole
00:00 / 29:03
The-Burning-Bush - Alan Pike
00:00 / 20:34
Out-of-Egypt - Tom MacDonald
00:00 / 31:21
Crossing the Red Sea-Richard Warren
00:00 / 41:23

Lent Series 2022 - A Passion For Christ

In today's world, personal comfort is king and queen. We like to have our coffee just the way we want it, we want our online shopping to be delivered the next day and we definitely don't want to have to wait in line for anything. So how do we feel about the idea of suffering for the gospel of Christ?


Paul was passionate about Jesus, the Church and spreading the good news, even if this meant facing hardship and persecution. This was a man with the cross on his heart, who was able to see joy in suffering for his Lord.

Over these six Bible study sessions, Michael Baughen encourages us to live with renewed passion, to share the gospel and to be prepared, if necessary, to suffer for Christ's sake and for His glory in the hope of the resurrection.

Jeremy-Cole-Sharing-in-the-Suffering of Christ
00:00 / 34:50
Jeremy-Green-Seeking-love-in-the Church of Christ
00:00 / 20:06
Richard Warren The Aroma of Christ
00:00 / 30:02
Kevin-Whitby-Shining with the light of Christ
00:00 / 22:59
Dan-Skuce-Showing the light of Christ in our bodies
00:00 / 20:39
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