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Every Sunday at 10.30am 

What to expect when you visit us!

Many people wonder what to expect when they come to a Church for the first time and don’t quite know what they will experience.

When you come to Epworth Baptist Church, you will be given a friendly welcome with introductions and then shown in to the church where you can choose where you would like to sit.


During the service, we will sing songs, both traditional and contemporary, pray together and then listen to a sermon from the Bible.

At the end we sing a song again and finish with a short prayer. 

There is no particular dress code. There are no set or reserved seats, just sit wherever you feel comfortable. If you don’t have a Bible, do not worry, we have Bibles at the church.

Tea and coffee is served in the hall following the service.

As a church family we also meet in different ways and at different times across each week and month. You welcome to any of these sessions, please check out our activities page.


On the 3rd Sunday of each month as part of the service Communion is celebrated. This is where we remember the death & ressurection of Jesus by taking bread and wine (juice) as symbols of his body and blood.


During the service we have kids groups where the children can explore the Bible through crafts, stories and games.

Click here for information of upcoming services and events.

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